How To Use Virtual Assistance In Your Small Business?

How To Use Virtual Assistance In Your Small Business?

How To Use Virtual Assistance In Your Small Business?


Starting a new business requires a combination of hard work and smart work. The owner has to take care of various factors that could cause actual results in the growth of the business.

There are thousands of tactics and strategies that are a compulsion for the growth of a business, this includes social media, customer services, event management, accounting, administration, and many more.

But generally, the new businesses are small-scale businesses and lack capital and funds. Due to this, the owners can not hire different individuals for each task. This will cost them a lot more and affect the growth of their business. If you are also owning a small business and looking for a solution to such issues then you can hire virtual assistance.

Who are Virtual assistants?

The remote assistant is also recognized as virtual assistance. He is a professional who used to work from a remote area online for the owner of the business. One of the most common services handled by the virtual assistant is administrative services. Generally, virtual assistants are freelancers hired by business owners to eliminate some tasks from their busy life schedules.

A virtual assistant requires all the essential equipment, devices, internet connection, infrastructure, and technology to work from a remote area without being physically present in the main office. You have to prove to him the social media handles, email access, calendars, and many more resources to work without any problems.

The virtual assistants are bonded into a legal agreement within a specific period and all the terms and conditions including the salary to be given are mentioned in the deed of the agreement.

How to hire a virtual assistant?

Every small business requires virtual assistance to ease the work of the owner and eliminate some tasks from the busy schedule. There are various ways to hire a virtual assistant, here are a few of them:

  • Gig websites: There are hundreds of popular freelancing websites where skillful people are looking for work. You can hire them as your virtual assistant as per your needs and requirements. The price charged by them is based upon their experience and skills. These platforms include Fiverr and Upwork.
  • List job postings: If you require a virtual assistant for your business then you can post a listing of jobs on various social media platforms like LinkedIn and Craigslist. All you need to do is just mention all the needs and requirements along with salary in the listing of your job.
  • Virtual assistant firms: There are hundreds of firms that used to work as virtual assistants for your small business. There is no single individual in these firms, they are a team of skillful people.

How to use virtual assistants?

Virtual assistants can be used by the owners of small businesses to give a boost to growth as well as reduce the number of tasks in their busy life schedules. Here are the works that can be handed to the virtual assistants and used to attain maximum benefits:


The work of accounting is one of the most important jobs that have to be done with reasonable care and skills. Also, it requires a lot of time to maintain the books and finance of the business.

If you spend all your valuable hours in accounting then you are unable to give time to another important aspect. More importantly, it requires special accounting skills, some of these skills are mentioned below:

  • Making accurate Cash flow statements and maintaining books.
  • Processing all receipts and keeping an eye on sales payments
  • Maintain VAT returns
  • Balancing accounts and finance.
  • Filing taxes accurately.
  • Handling financial paperwork related to the import and export of the business.
  • Preparing invoices for all the workers and employees.


The administration is another important aspect of a business. It will determine the overall structure of the business and growth as well. Most virtual assistants have adequate experience in administration. They will reasonably handle the administration work. All the office tasks as mentioned below will be managed by a virtual assistant:

  • Reception
  • Filing documents
  • Calendar management
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Email management
  • Data entry
  • Travel planning and many more

Social media handling

One of the most important and effective tasks for the growth of the business is to create awareness among the public. This will directly increase sales and most importantly, establish the brand value of the business.

Virtual assistants are well aware of the tips to grow business on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. Below are some crucial tasks are as below:

  • Handle social media platforms
  • SEO research and implementation.
  • Wrote catchy blogs and promotional articles
  • Digital marketing campaigns
  • Community engagement
  • Targeted audience attraction
  • Track analysis and many more

Customer service

If you have an e-commerce business then the only thing that will determine the growth of your business is the customers. You have to engage them and keep them as your prime priority.

A virtual distance has prior experience in how to deal with customer satisfaction and attract as many customers as possible. A virtual assistant will reasonably handle various aspects like:

  • Handling complaints of the unsatisfied customers
  • Answering queries of the visitors
  • Managing returns and exchanges effectively.
  • Processing orders of the customers.
  • Resolving issues of the customers who are facing problems.

Event management

A business needs to organize various events that are part of marketing strategies and business growth. A skilled virtual assistant will allow you to organize the events in the best possible way. All the tasks related to the following factors will be resolved by the virtual assistant:

  • Coordinating with merchants on behalf of minor business owners
  • Booking caterers and researching menus
  • Arranging sponsorship by various other brands.
  • Planning event budget as per the business scale.
  • Organizing decor of the venue
  • Creating guest lists and presenting bouquets to the honors.
  • Handling publicity and marketing campaigns to support growth.


It is next to impossible for a business owner to manage all the take himself. There is a need to hire a visual assistant to ease the work. You can hire them from various platforms like LinkedIn, Fiverr, Upwork, and Facebook as well.

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