How To Earn Money From podcasts In India 2022

How To Earn Money From podcasts In India

How To Earn Money From podcasts In India

Podcasting has been shown to be among the most effective ways to reach an audience. It creates engagement, brings people who share similar interests, and lets you effectively communicate your message to a rapidly growing market.

As you may already know you can earn decent earnings by podcasting. Before we get started in this podcast, let us be mindful of those who are unfamiliar with what a podcast is:

What is Podcast?

An audio podcast can be described as a recorded conversation on a specific subject like a wedding, relationship, or business usually in MP3 format. It can be downloaded and listened via the Internet to either a mobile or computer.

If you’re an expert in a particular field, such as marriage and relationships and business, women’s health, or personal development, make use of your knowledge and turn it into a powerful cash-making machine by simply discussing a variety of topics you’re familiar with. Read more about How to earn money from podcasts in India

Here’s a checklist of ways to earn money from podcasting:


One of the most efficient methods that podcasters to earn more money is by advertising. However, you must keep in mind that it could take time to establish the type of public that will draw advertisers the attention of advertisers.

Advertisements are typically sold according to the price per mile. This is also known as CPM. That means you are able to measure the cost per 1,000 listeners.

Based on research conducted by Foundr the ad-buying platforms set the current rate of industry at $25/60 seconds ad CPM, and $18/30 second ad CPM. Advertisers can either directly reach out to the podcast and the brand or employ an agency to act as a broker.

There are a variety of methods to display CPM advertisements.

  • CPM Ads With Ad Broker/Podcasting Network

Podcasting networks are ad-brokers that automatically insert advertisements into your podcast. You have to sign up with an online podcasting platform to be able to run this kind of advertisement.

Podcasting networks work with you to give you creative control and give you marketing advantages. Podcasting networks make money through a revenue-sharing arrangement, usually using a formula of 70/30 shares. This is, however, sometimes dependent on the size of the show.

  • CPM Ads From Media Host

This is the simplest method of advertising your show. But, only a handful of media hosts offer this capability. They’re usually big players and are the fastest method to begin earning.

Another benefit they provide is the convenience that they provide since you can disable ads at any time while it does not affect the hosting of your show. There is also a revenue-sharing model, which is 70/30.

  • CPM Ads From YouTube Ads

A large number of listeners watch podcasts on YouTube. This is the reason you should post your show’s episodes on YouTube to make money from the ads feature. You’ll need to make your podcast more appealing for YouTube by adding slideshows, or by adding video clips on your blog.

  • CPM Ads From Episode Transcript 

Another method to earn money with Ads is to use your blog. Create a WordPress blog and then publish the transcripts of your episodes. Your audience may prefer reading over listening. This can boost your rank on Google If you are posting regularly. It is possible to earn money from Google AdSense and other ad brokers in this manner.

Affiliate Marketing

To earn money from affiliate marketing, you’ll have to register your program with an affiliate marketing provider. You’ll be provided with a direct link or promo coupon. When you broadcast an announcement about the affiliate promotion and your readers make a purchase with the link or coupon, and you’ll earn your commission.

Affiliate marketing is among the methods of earning passive money through podcasting. Each episode you publish can be a chance to earn an income when your viewers discover your content.

Three Significant Ways To Endorse Affiliate Products

  • Set up referral hyperlinks: Platforms like Audible, Ting, Airbnb, and many others request that you endorse their products and products. It is important to discuss the experience you had in recommending the services.
  • Create reviews and promotional links: What you need here is to advertise specific products, not the company that sells the product. The market leader is Amazon but a variety of major online companies offer affiliate programs.
  • Promote the products of your guests: This affiliate marketing method involves inviting your guest to the event and then promoting their products. You’ll share a promotional coupon that earns you a percentage of sales while performing it.

Premium subscription and bonus content

Certain podcasts have stayed off of advertising and have instead put their content behind the paywall. Some podcasts offer some content available for free but have put archive and bonus materials behind paywalls to convince a segment of their listeners to upgrade to a premium subscription to get additional content.

Podcast Insights recommends including interviews with additional content and behind-the-scenes material, and free of ads RSS feed, and earlier access RSS feed or Q&A sessions with hosts as special additional features. However, don’t think you have to be a slave here Premium content can comprise everything from full bonus episodes to a personal Slack channel or enjoyable newsletter. It all comes down to the content that resonates with your specific group of customers.

Crowdfunding & listener donations

If you’re still not enough to be a premium subscription-based podcast There’s nothing wrong with soliciting donations from listeners through the “pay-as-you-can” format. It doesn’t matter if it’s through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, Patreon or something else such as Ko-Fi and monthly listener contributions are a great option to pay for the cost of your services and earn some extra money.

Live shows & merchandise

Are you able to draw a large enough crowd to warrant a live event? Tickets sales are another way to increase your revenue. Based on how well-run your live event goes, you may be able to hold it several times throughout the year. Perhaps you could even consider an actual live Zoom event. This can reduce the cost of overhead and boost the revenue from tickets.

Build Relationships By Collaborating

A great way to increase the visibility of your podcast is to work with other podcasters. You could be an interviewer on their shows or cross-promote alongside them. Invite the most well-known names to be your guests and receive an honorary mention from influential influencers.


There are a variety of methods you can employ to earn money from your podcast. However, first, you must grow your listeners and gain their trust. Provide real-world industry information or just a passion then you’re well on your way to earning money through podcasting.

Make your podcast more accessible by uploading it to the top podcasting platforms. This is how you build the visibility of your podcast and draw advertisers. so this concludes the topic of How to earn money from podcasts in India.

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