How Do Fashion Bloggers And Influencers Make Money On Instagram?

How Do Fashion Bloggers And Influencers Make Money On Instagram?

How Do Fashion Bloggers And Influencers Make Money On Instagram?


Blogging is a great way to earn a passive source of income, it is far better than any other 9-5 job. It will be more amazing if you are a fashion designer and display your artwork visually or graphically.

There is no headache from the boss or employee hierarchy. All you need to do is just turn your passion and imagination into the form of content that the public loves. Once getting famous you can minimize your blogs and start getting paid.

But how do fashion bloggers and influencers make money on Instagram? This is one of the most demanding questions that comes to mind of every fashion blogger or influencer.

Well! You can earn a lot more money as a fashion blogger and influencer on Instagram. Many famous influencers on Instagram earn up to millions of dollars by a single post. First of all, you have to set up your profile as a creator’s profile and make sure the privacy is public.

Easy to earn on Instagram as a fitness blogger and influencer

After setting up your creator’s profile you have to build a fanbase to get more likes, views, comments, and interaction with your audience. After achieving the milestone of about 50k-100k followers you can start eating from Instagram as a fashion blogger and influencer, here are some ways:

Sponsored content

Sponsored content is the way through which other Instagrammers will collaborate with the creators and create awareness among the public about their goods and services. These are transactional and are not similar to brand partnerships.

All you have to do is just promote any of their posts or videos in your profile and you will be paid according to the followers and reach a rate of your profile. Various new creatures used to adopt this strategy to grow their profile. Collaboration with famous Instagrammers can open the gateway to their audience as well.

Brand partnerships

Brand partnerships are similar to sponsored content, the only difference is that you have to prove the product or service of the brands instead of collaborating with other Instagrammers. Brands used to pay a lot of money if you have a large number of followers and interactions on your profile.

Several brands of shoes, clothes, and watches, will pay to wear their products in your upcoming post or reel. Many local brands used to adopt this technique to make people aware of their products.

Promote affiliate links

As a fashion designer, you can set up a profile for any affiliate program like clickbait or amazing affiliate and start sharing the links or recommend any product on your own to your audience.

After every successful purchase, you will get a percentage of the total money as a commission. You can promote something similar to your genre like a newly launched dress, shoes, hat, etc. You can also share affiliate links to your own products.

Fan membership and exclusive content

There is a membership platform that will allow you to launch a membership program for your fans or followers to get enrolled for exclusive and unique content, this platform is known as Patreon. As a fashion blogger, you can provide some unique strategies to look more attractive, how to enhance personality, tips to improve dressing sense, and many more topics in the membership content.

To get people enrolled in your membership program you can contest a giveaway and take eligibility criteria that only the members can take part in the contest.

Also, you can set up the link of your Patreon profile to the bio of your Instagram profile. Highlight it to catch the focus of visitors on your profile.

Recommend your blogs

As you are a fitness blogger and have blogs on various other platforms. You can recommend or notify your fans about your blogs. This will increase the visits to your blogs and your pay per visit will increase.

This will help you to increase your blog’s income. Additionally, you can also manage a Youtube channel side by side and recommend it as well. After some time you will start to generate income from multiple platforms.

IGTV ads

IGTV ads are a powerful way to generate a great income. It will allow the creators to display the ads on their posted videos and photos. When you monetize your profile then this gives you an option to allow the brands to use your videos to prove their products and services. The payment is around half of the money generated from the ads. The payouts also depend upon the interaction of your profile.


Consultancy is one of the most popular ways to generate higher income from Instagram. Many new creators are looking for established influencers to get consultancy from them. It will help them to improve their fanbase, increase followers, become popular, and many more things.

You can charge up to $20-$30 per hour, and if you are famous then the price may vary from 100$-200$ per hour. Many individuals are looking to optimize their profiles. They can be the best source of your income.

Become brand ambassador

Brands are looking for famous personalities and influences to use their face to promote their products and services. If you become a popular face on Instagram and establish a genuine fanbase then the brands will contact you.

All you need to do is just shoot the advertisements, and photos for the promotion of their products and services. Generally, the brand ambassadors charge a fee monthly from the brands till the contract validates.


Influencers and creators earn massive revenue from Instagram. Many famous influences like Cristiano Ronaldo charge up to 50 million for a single post on Instagram. You can also use it as a source of income if you are a fashion blogger. Set up your creator’s profile and engage as many audiences as you can. The best way to engage with the audience is through the paid promotion of your posts on Instagram. The ways to earn are mentioned above you can use them all.

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