Whats The Difference Between 2D And 3D Payment Gateway?

What’s The Difference Between 2D And 3D Payment Gateway?

What’s The Difference Between 2D And 3D Payment Gateway?


Have you ever heard about payment gateways? If yes, then most of you don’t have an idea what it actually is. Well! Thousands of platforms and applications can be accessed in a specific subscription plan, or a user needs to pay a certain amount to avail of premium features. To accept money from customers, these platforms require a safe and secure path which is known as a payment gateway.

Now there are two further classifications of payment gateway, i.e., 2D and 3D payment gateway. Here in this article, we will let you know about both of them, along with the difference between 2D and 3D payment gateway.

What is a Payment Gateway?

These are safe and secure paths through which the merchant can receive payment from consumers through hundreds of payment methods. Various applications and websites charge a certain amount of money from the users for maintenance charges, avail premium features, and many more, which are processed through a payment gateway.

Both 2D and 3D payment gateway can be integrated with the websites and applications by the service providers. Also, the service providers can process the payment through a 2D payment gateway or a 3D payment gateway by sending links to the customers.

What is a 2D payment gateway?

The 2D payment gateway allows people to proceed with the payment without any security check or an OTP (One time password) is known as the 2D payment gateway. The user only needs to enter the card number, its expiry date, and CVV to pay the required amount. The paid amount will be deducted directly from the linked bank account without any security check or authentication.

2D payment gateway is also known as 2 dimensions secure, 2Ds. There are only customers and merchants included in this payment gateway. There is no involvement of any authentication AI or any OTP procedure. It does not require any additional password to proceed with the payment. Most probably, this is an unsafe and non-recommended gateway of payment.

Challenges with the 2D payment gateway

It seems easy to proceed with the payment through a 2D payment gateway, but there are a lot of disadvantages as well. All the payments handled by the 2D payment gateway are less secure and have a risk of security breaches and cyber-crimes. There are some mechanisms in the 2D gateways, but still, these can be easily tackled by hackers. The user can lose his money as well as the card details are likely to be exposed to hackers.

What is a 3D payment gateway?

3D payment gateway is also known as 3 domain payment gateways. It is a safe and secure way of proceeding with the payment. The platforms which are integrated with the 3D payment gateway are free from the risk of cybercrime, security breaches, and all other payment-related frauds. From proceeding with the payment in 3D, the user needs to enter the OTP sent to a registered mobile number or email ID.

Also, along with the security of money, the card-related data is secure with the 3D payment gateway. Between the merchant and customer, there is interoperability in between for safe and secure payment. Mostly all the famous and authorized websites or applications are integrated with the 3D payment gateway in India.

The procedure of payment through the 3D payment gateway

As we have stated, the 3D payment gateway is integrated with the 3-domain technology that adds a layer of security between customer and merchant for payment via websites, applications, and other platforms. It is unique and more secure than the 2D gateway; here is the procedure for payment through the 3D gateway:

  • After deciding upon buying a product or subscription on any website, application, or another platform and entering his financial details.
  • A secure popup appears, which facilitates the payment.
  • An OPT is sent to the registered mobile number via SMS or Gmail.
  • The code must be entered in the popup window along with the captcha; once verified, the payment will be processed.

Advantages of 3D payment gateway

The 3D payment gateway comes with their domain security and offers numerous features and advantages; below mentioned are a few of them:

  • The merchant gets more orders and sales because of the trust of customers as they are going to pay in a safe and secure payment.
  • The card details and financial data of the customers are secure with a firewall.
  • There seems to be a massive reduction in payment-related fraud and cyber crimes.

What is the difference between 2D and a 3D payment gateway?

I hope so and you understand what a 2D payment gateway and a 3D payment gateway are. Now, what are the significant differences between them? The 2D payment gateway only includes the interaction of merchant and customer for proceeding with payment. In contrast, the 3D payment gateways have a firewall between the customer and revenue that will keep the transaction safe and secure from cyber threats.

The 2D payment gateway does not include any OPT verification step. In contrast, there is a popup that appears in the 3D payment gateway, where the customer needs to enter the OPT sent to the linked mobile number via SMS or email. And more importantly, the 2D gateway is unsafe for both merchant and customer, and the 3D payment gateway is safe for both the customer and merchant. There is no risk of exposure to financial information.

Whether you own an online business or are willing to start one, make sure to choose the plugins that are interested in the 3D payment gateway. This will not only keep all the transactions safe but also increase your sales by establishing trust between your users or customers.


In the last decade, there has been a sudden boom in online business, and people used to pay through online platforms rather than keeping their physical currency with them. If you are willing to buy something online, make sure the platforms where you are purchasing are integrated with the 3D payment gateway.

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