Advantages and Disadvantages of Slow Fashion

Advantages and Disadvantages of Slow Fashion

Advantages and Disadvantages of Slow Fashion

Slow fashion is a genuine one that can be said as a credible and sustainable approach to fashion. There are both advantages and disadvantages of slow fashion. Here in this article, we are going to discuss slow fashion and all its related information in brief.

As we can’t believe and follow the things that we see on social media and other platforms, the reality might be different. The fashion that celebs do is just for promotions and publicity. We can’t rely on them in our daily life. Here we need slow fashion.

What is slow fashion?

A sustainable and ethical approach to fashion that does not cause severe damage or harmful consequences to the environment and natural resources are known as slow fashion. The same thing is for both the customer and retailer. As we have seen today, the market is accelerating at a fast speed, but there is a thing that puts a barrier and makes the people think again about the actual bond with the fashion, i.e. slow fashion.

It includes the shopping and circulation of the best quality and reliable clothing in the market without any harm or harmful effect to the people, animals, and mother earth. Slow fashion is the opposite of cash fashion. Slow fashion clothes are made from high-quality raw materials, are sustainable, reliable, and, more importantly, are more expensive than fast fashion.

Whenever we are looking for any t-shirt on WooCommerce platforms, there are mostly two alternatives, one is cheap, fashionable, and following the latest trend. In contrast, the other one is high quality, expensive and sustainable. Most of us will go for the first one, and we will think that it is just a piece of cloth, but no! Every piece of cloth has a social and natural impact.

Pros and cons of slow fashion 

There is nothing in the world that has one single face. Every aspect and thing has two faces: one displays its positivity and another its negativity. The same universal rule is applied for the slow fashion. There are both advantages and disadvantages of slow fashion. Here are them:

Advantages of slow fashion 

One of the biggest advantages of slow fashion is that it is slower, and you will get enough time to thoughtfully make a purchase by keeping your needs and budget in mind. Every purchase made by you is mindfully, consciously, and without any hurry. There is a saying that fits with slow fashion, “buy less, choose well and make it last”. More importantly, you will only go for long-lasting and beautiful fashion wear instead of fast fashion.

Another biggest advantage of slow fashion is its durability. Fast fashion is built with low-quality raw material, at a low price, and very fast, which is why they will get damaged soon. Whereas slow fashion is made diligently with high-quality raw materials, and all the norms and standards were followed as well. That is why they will serve you for seasons and years.

Slow fashion is made as per the forms and standards of natural and biodiversity care organizations. It is sustainable and doesn’t cause any damage or harmful consequences to the environment and natural resources. It requires less water in their production and dying. Mostly, natural raw material is used instead of cheap artificial chemicals.

Fast fashion will damage soon due to its short life, and after it gets damaged, people will dump it into the rivers, oceans, and ground causing pollution. Whereas slow fashion offers a long life span, which prevents such kind of pollution and as all the raw materials are organic these clothing gets decomposed in water and soil quickly.

Disadvantages of slow fashion 

The first and biggest disadvantage of slow fashion clothing is that they are much more expensive as compared to the cash fashion. They are manufactured with all standards, norms, natural raw materials, gig quality fabrics, and other expensive machinery, which will enhance their value and are available at a high price.

It isn’t easy to find slow fashion clothing in the stock market as they are full of cash fashion clothing. You are required to visit the official stores and showrooms of the slow fashion brands. And more importantly, numerous fake slow fashion garments are circulated in the market. Make sure to avoid them.

Slow fashion clothes are simple and sober compared to fast fashion, which is made according to the latest trends. Slow fashion is usually formal and has no designs and printings on them. Mostly the slow fashion brands have a hippie nature, and all might not like their products. There are fewer varieties and options available for the slow fashion to the customers.

There is no awareness of slow fashion among the public, which is one of the great disadvantages of slow fashion. A small fraction of the customers has an idea that the clothing they wear has social, economic, and environmental impacts. There is a requirement to make people aware of the same and conscious of them to choose the wise one.

Which one is better: slow fashion and fast fashion?

Well! It isn’t easy to judge any of them as it is a debating topic. It depends on the needs and requirements. Those who can afford fast fashion will go with them, and those who have enough money to buy slow fashion will go for slow fashion. Both have advantages and disadvantages and effects on the environment.

Conclusion: (Advantages and Disadvantages of Slow Fashion)

Hence, you might be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of slow fashion. We are not saying that it has 0% consequences on the environment and nature, but it assists better compared to the fast-fashion.

There are some norms and standards for garment industries to be followed for the least pollution and disintegration, and slow fashion clothes are made by following the same. It is known that they are more expensive and difficult to find than the fast fashion but will be worth buying. They offer a long-life span and provide better comfort and convenience.

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