Advantages and Disadvantages of Fast Fashion

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fast Fashion

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fast Fashion

The personality and standard of an individual have been determined more by his clothing than his attitudes and behaviour. Whenever we observe someone, we primarily point to the brand and trend of his clothes or whether he is following the latest trends or not?

No matter how nice and favourable you are at your innermost. That is why it is said to improve your clothing if you want to enrich your personality. Staying with the latest trend in the market is a crucial thing. As a solution, fast fashion can be adopted.

What is fast fashion?

The market is unstable, and nothing has a permanent place in it. Every fashion and trend will go one day, and another will replace it.

Whenever a new trend has arrived in the market, the demand will touch the sky, and there is an urgent requirement to fulfil the demand to balance the prove and satisfy the customers.

As an alternative, fast fashion has come into force. They are the inexpensive clothing manufactured to supply to the mass market retailers or wholesalers in response to the latest trends. They will fulfil the needs and requirements of the massive demand due to the latest trends.

After globalization, the fast flashing had grown rapidly in the previous 20 years. Previously due to the lack of social media and digital exposure, people were unaware of the latest trends.

Still, now the trends will go viral within a few days, and the demand has boosted rapidly. To satisfy this demand, fast fashion comes into force.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fast Fashion

As everything has two aspects, same with the fast fashion, there are both Advantages and Disadvantages of Fast Fashion. 

Some people consider it a positive approach to meet the demand, continue the supply chain in the market, and, more importantly, satisfy the customers. At the same time, there are some disadvantages too.

Advantages of fast fashion:

One of the biggest advantages of fast fashion is that it will provide the latest trending clothing at an affordable price. As these clothes are manufactured in bulk, the price has been reduced and is inexpensive in the market. People will get what they want, and also, the trends will be sold to the masses within a few days.

Open a gateway for the people to wear different and unique clothing every weekend. As the price is low, people can buy more at a reasonable price. For throwaway Cutler’s, this is the best way to get their hobby satisfied cheaply; just buy and weak once!

Fast fashion is a boon to businesses, as the latest trends are available at a low price, and customers used to spend more and make more purchases. From the manufacturer to the shopkeeper, everyone will earn a massive among from fast fashion.

This is beneficial for the youths and students who have no source of income. They will also enjoy the thrill of spending and getting new things every month. Also, it will save a lot of money for them for future use.

Fast fashion will proceed the people with branded and latest trendy clothing at a low price. Most people are influenced by the clothing of celebrities and famous personalities, but they are expensive, and people can’t afford them. But fast fashion will provide the same things at a lower price and decent quality.

Disadvantages of fast fashion:

Fast fashion is not permanent as to meet the massive demand and latest trend, these clothes are manufactured in bulk. After the trend was over, people started to throw them away.

Just imagine what will happen when 100 billion garments are thrown or dumped every year in the ground or oceans! This will ruin the natural resources and cause pollution on a gigantic scale.

The workers working in the industries face the worst conditions and living standards.

They are given fewer wages and forced to work continuously for hours to fulfill the needs of the market quicker and at a low price. Sometimes, these workers will die due to accidents, and no compensation is given to their families. Also, this will increase crimes like child labour and women’s harassment in such awful areas.

Sometimes the big brands used to destroy their stocks of clothes just to protect their brand’s value and identity in the market. Like in 2018, the brand-named Burberry burned garments worth £30 million just to protect their brand identity.

As the garments are manufactured in bulk and quickly and the price has to be maintained as low as possible. This will affect the quality of raw materials used in manufacturing. It increases the number of defects and faulty clothes.

Is fast fashion good for the economy? 

Fast fashion is a balancing thing for the economy of a nation. While it provides more employment and taxes and makes billions of profit every year, it also increases the throwback mentality of the customers and causes a lot of pollution.

The government used to spend billions every year to clean the oceans and rivers and dump the waste suitably.

Also, such industries are running in abusive and terrible conditions. The workers are kept in insecure and poor working conditions. This will increase the diseases, illnesses, and poor health of the employers. The only means of fast fashion is not fast and cheap availability of trends.

Conclusion: (Advantages and Disadvantages of Fast Fashion)

There are both Advantages and Disadvantages of fast fashion. Where fast fashion opens the gateway to profit in the clothing industry, it will also increase the throwback mentality of customers.

While it provides employment, it also gives bad working conditions, low wages, and an abusive environment. While it gives the clothes at a low price, it also attracts the customers and eats their savings on unnecessary shopping.

The final Finding suggests that fast fashion is beneficial for a fraction of people. At the same time, it also has harmful consequences and effects on a fraction of people, including the workers, environment, economy, and customers.

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