Which Are The Best Apps To Get Medical Consulting Online?

Which Are The Best Apps To Get Medical Consulting Online?

Which Are The Best Apps To Get Medical Consulting Online?

It’s not a surprise because many aspects have changed with the changing times. There has been a change in science, medication treatments, clothes, and other items. Many of us have witnessed dramatic changes since the pandemic became a reality. So let us find out the answer for Which Are The Best Apps To Get Medical Consulting Online?

In addition, sufferers have had problems during the outbreak, which led to the creation of online meetings or consultations to keep away from physical interactions with others.

Medical services online are overgrowing because of coronavirus outbreaks. One may feel nervous when they are aware of an issue with his health that requires medical care and treatment. There are many advantages to booking an appointment with a doctor online.

Which Are The Best Apps To Get Medical Consulting Online?

  1. Apollo247

Everyone knows the Apollo healthcare services are of high quality and trust, and you can connect with Asia’s most trusted healthcare network with only a few clicks. There are more than 1000 doctors and over 80 different specialities. Whatever your location and time, you can connect to a doctor through phone calls or video.

This website is private and secure because it allows users to talk with their preferred doctor and share the results without revealing any information. It helps save time and money and frees us from the inconvenience of going to an emergency room.

The most significant benefit of Apollo247 is that it provides the option of a no-cost follow-up, meaning you can talk to a physician within seven days after your consultation, and you do not have to pay for it.

The treatment offered by the doctors is amiable, and they strive to provide the most time they can. They will carefully listen to your issues, ask for all aspects of the illness, and then give you a remedy.

  1. Practo

Practo is a Bengaluru-based technology startup in the field of health that was founded in the year 2007 by Shashank along with Abhinav Lal. It is among the most effective online consultation applications and has grown to more than 36 cities in Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines and Brazil. It is among the top health startup companies in India.

Patients can also connect with any doctor to make informed medical choices. Practo offers more than 1 lac profiles of doctors from India and Singapore, serving more than 25 million people annually. Practo also provides an online service for medicine delivery, allowing patients to upload a prescription photograph. The application detects and delivers the medicine.

It’s become a one-stop-shop for consultations, appointments, medical records, insurance and even online ordering prescriptions.

  1. Lybrate

It is possible to make informed healthcare choices with Lybrate because the app can locate experts among more than 150,000 healthcare experts. Getting the most current, up-to-date information on health and medicine directly from health experts is also helpful.

Additionally, you can get details on a particular medication, including its composition, side effects and interactions. In simple terms, Lybrate is the best app for medicine and doctors.

Lybrate lets patients talk with doctors via audio or video calls and allows you to book appointments. Besides that, Lybrate lab+ is an online test service that will enable patients to submit their samples from the comfort of their homes, and reports can be later retrieved online.

  1. Tata Health

Tata Health is another leading Best Apps To Get Medical Consulting Online available to Android and iPhone users. You can download this app and book online consultations with doctors throughout the nation.

You can also purchase prescription medications online from trusted pharmacies and deliver them to your door. This Tata Health app allows you to schedule laboratory tests from your home.

Additionally, if you book appointments online, patients could also book appointments on-site with doctors close to them. Utilizing this Tata Health app, you can schedule appointments online for the Tata Health clinic near you.

  1. Docttocare

Docttocare is among the most reliable medical consultation providers on the internet in India. It was established in the year 2018 and had been providing services to clients since the beginning. It aids people living in cities that are not metros to access and schedule appointments with doctors and finds hospitals in major cities.

The app assists users in determining the most suitable doctor to treat their issues. It schedules appointments with doctors and assists users find the top hospitals available on the time and date.

It also provides other services such as online ambulance booking, tracking the availability of blood groups, and many other things.

  1. 1mg Online Consultation

1 mg is among the most effective applications for consulting with doctors online. It is secure. It boasts many of the most reputable doctors and provides top-quality healthcare through its network.

The app is straightforward and frees users from the stress of long lines and rush hour. There is no need to see a doctor, and you can seek medical assistance when you begin feeling sick.

It’s also economical, and medical assistance could be offered for urgent inquiries without cost. The services provided through the platform include

  • E-Pharmacy: You can purchase medications and other health products online and have these delivered right to your residence in a single order. They have licensed pharmacies, and the products are secure.
  • Online Consultations: You can speak with qualified and registered doctors via chat at no cost.
  • Lab tests: By the prescription and the issue, you can also schedule laboratory tests at your residence. You will receive the results online soon.

The media help make life simpler and less stressful. They’ve covered everything you require, including Ayurvedic, allopathic, and homoeopathy medications. Other nutritional supplements are also offered on the website.

  1. DocsApp

DocsApp is one of the Best Apps To Get Medical Consulting Online, which makes it easy to schedule appointments with any doctor in a particular area. It allows you to book appointments with doctors from more than 20 specialities.

You only need to download the app to your phone; register using your phone number and begin your appointment with any physician. If you cannot select a specific category of consultation, then you can inquire about your health. The doctor will forward you to the appropriate doctor. You can communicate with your doctor via chat, phone or video call.

In addition to consulting, you can also schedule laboratory tests online using DocsApp mobile app.


The apps listed in this article to facilitate consultations with doctors online are among the top and are worth a try. If you’re worried about your health but aren’t able to make it to a doctor’s appointment or visit a doctor’s, install one of these applications.

The best online doctor consultation applications make your life easier and less stress-inducing. It’s time to be more mindful of your health and book appointments with your doctor online in line with your needs. So this concludes the topic for Which Are The Best Apps To Get Medical Consulting Online?

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